Families can now come out of the shadows of fear



“You can come out of the shadows and get right with the law, “said President Barrack Obama addressing illegal immigrants in his immigration speech on Thursday November 20, 2014. Through an executive action Obama summarizes his plan to fix what he considers a broken system through an immigration reform he considers will be fair and just.

In a nationally televised address Obama said that it makes no sense to deport millions of people.

Obama considers allowing them to live without fear is more important, while reinstating that his plan is not an amnesty. About five million illegal immigrant will now be able to request work permits and avoid deportation through some key points he summarized in his speech.

First of all secure border that will prevent more illegal immigration through an increase of officers and technological security.

“Deporting felons, not families,” which means deporting people who are being accused of serious crimes instead of minor violations. ICE will only be notified if a person is illegal if they have committed a serious crime.

Lastly visas will be available to people who qualify, which will halt deportations. People with spouses or children who are citizens or legal residents that have resided in the United States for the past five years qualify for these new visas.

Harry Reid stated “Millions of families in our nation and thousands in Nevada will no longer have to live in fear of losing a loved one to deportation.” Believing that this action will only benefit the people of Nevada by protecting families and boosting the economy.

On the other hand Governor Brian Sandoval says that the problem needs a comprehensive reform because acts like these give people false hope, since the problem needs to be addressed through a bipartisan law.

Although, there are many points of view on the issue preventing a compromise leaders do agree that the system is broken and needs to be addressed through a bipartisan plan that meets everyone’s needs and wants through compromise.


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